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Morloth Disney Contest by Luckysee12
Morloth Disney Contest
So guess who drew at the speed of light because the wonderful :iconmorloth88: was having another contest? I mean I've entered every one of them, I can't stop now!

On the far left is Vanessa, with a dress, geometric leggings, a stylish belt, a scarf, hoop earrings, a beanie, and of course some Uggs. I had a mental block with Eric, so he's wearing some plain jeans, and a short sleeve over a long sleeve. Coincidentally his shirt says 1989, which happens to be the year his movie came out. Ariel is rocking the 80s with a high ponytail, with a personalised bow on a fork for hair accessories. There's also a crop top with a ufo on it over a dark tanktop, and a long pleated skirt. She also has knee high striped stockings and Mary Jane shoes on. Belle is wearing a button up dress, with a short sleeved cardigan and a rose pin. She has her hair back in a headband and is wearing some simple flats. Rapunzel has her hair up in pigtails, and has a warm cardigan with a frilly top, plain trousers, and some slip-on shoes.

I'm pretty proud of them all, except Eric who I really just half-assed...Ugh. Oh well haha.
WTF: Monika Character Sheet by Luckysee12
WTF: Monika Character Sheet
I did a new character sheet, since I've been wanting to update the old one for an age and a half. The only thing I regret is that I can't use an online program and had to take a shitty photo. 


Full name: Monika

Pronunciation: Mah-ni-cah

Gender: Female

Species: Pure Angel

Age: Looks like an 8 year old

Birthday: May 7th

Height: 50 inches (4' 1")

Weight: 60 pounds

Figure/build: Slim, with long legs

Hair colour: Red

Hairstyle: Curly, just above the back of her knees

Eye colour: Blue

Preferred style of clothing: Vintage Children's Clothes

Personality: Monika is ready to help, but refuses to ask for help herself. She tends to idolize people she likes, and she is very curious. When she is focused, there is nothing in the world that can get her to stop unless she's ready to stop, except for blocks. Blocks are cool. She keeps pestering Annabelle about when she gets her Guardian Angels, because she saw one once and can't wait to have her own. 

Likes: Blocks, Annabelle, and rainbows

Dislikes: Spilling things, being unable to fly, brushing her hair

Favourite colour: Blue

Hobbies: Blocks, painting, and singing

Quirks: She tries to fly all the time, even though her wings are too small.
random animes i happen to watch
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Hey there, Lucky here, just a hobbyist artist and writer, at your service.
Sorry to the people i was rping with yesterday and just suddenly left ;w; my little sister turned off the computer and my dad wouldn't log me back on ;w; I'm soooooorry ;A;

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Is your profile picture made from a game? i keep seeing others in the same style and i'm interested.
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Yes it's from a little icon maker game!…
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Thanks :)
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Luckysee12 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omigersh thank god i'm actually on
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